If my template can't meet your requirement, you can further create your own template.

Vue and VuePress

Before you start building your own template, you should gather some knowledge.

Actually, you don't have to learn the whole Vue.js. Html and CSS are more essential.

By looking at the .vue files I provided, you should understand how the .vue file works.

Read VuePress Guide and understand how VuePress is capable of.


The components, which are the templates used in this site, are separate .vue files under .vuepress/components directory.

For example, the MarkdownCard.vue is a widget used in the projects page. The Homepage.vue is a layout that could be further customized.

For more information, check VuePress doc on Custom Layout for Specific Pages.

Override Styles

You can override styles with .vuepress/override.styl. Adding simple CSS rules to control how the elements appear on your site.

Check Simple CSS Override for more help.


You need to know more about Vue and Javascript. 😄

Learn and create! 💪

Last Updated: 4/29/2018, 7:44:46 AM