Getting Started

Since this is a template built upon VuePress, everything is wrapped up and it takes only 10 minutes to start.

As esasy as 1, 2, 3


Get the repo

Download on GitHub: Clone or download -> Download ZIP

or clone it

$ git clone


  • You should have Node.js>=8.0.0 installed at first.
  • Yarn is also needed for package management.

You can check by running commands: node --version, npm --version and yarn --version

Configure and run

# Get into the directory
$ cd vuepress-homepage 

# Install dependencies
$ yarn # or npm install

# Run under developing
$ yarn run dev # or npm run dev

Now open your favorite browser and go to, the demo is all set 😎


To generate your homepage as a static site, run:

$ yarn run build

This will build your site under the dist directory. Now you can deploy the files under dist directory to any web hosts provider or your own server. If you got stuck, feel free to open an issue or search it on google.

There are several available free online hosts for you:

For more available instructions, have a look at the Deploying section.

GitHub Pages

Create a repository, clone it to your local machine. And copy files in dist to your local repository folder.

Push it to GitHub with GitHub Desktop or command line and done.


Simply rename and drag and drop your dist directory to Netlify, follow the instruction and your site will all set up. Check the guide here.

Also, you can create your own repository and copy all the files except .git there. Therefore, your build command would be yarn build and your public directory be dist. Fast and easy.

Last Updated: 4/29/2018, 7:44:46 AM